New Arrivals: Birkenstock

It was in 1774 the Birkenstock family began crafting shoes, though their early years were largely undocumented. For a century, they toiled as artisan shoemakers, operating in modest workshops, living humbly, and often struggling financially. It wasn't until the late 19th century, following Konrad Birkenstock's decision to relocate to Frankfurt after his parents' untimely passing, that the family's fortunes began to shift. Selling their family possessions in the name of establishing a shoemaking workshop in Frankfurt marked the beginning of the Birkenstock we recognise today.

Over the next 50 years, the family conceived the notion of a "healthy shoe," designed with a footbed engineered to complement the natural structure of the foot. Remarkably, despite the adversities of war and scarcity, Birkenstock honed their craft through the first half of the 20th century, all without collaborating with the National Socialist party or employing slave labour which was so readily available at the time.

As with any beloved secret, Birkenstock's rise to prominence inevitably attracted wider attention. Once considered amongst men as footwear for Dads, Grandads and Geography teachers as well as the easy 'Jesus sandal' reference, their appeal evetnually transcended gender lines and garnered newfound appreciation, particularly, in recent times.

In an era where brands boasting deep expertise in their respective niches have garnered increasing favor, Birkenstock's accumulated knowledge spanning over two centuries has positioned them as purveyors of some of the most comfortable, trusted, and durable footwear available. Combining centuries of refinement and commitment to timeless design with high-quality materials has earned them a global following.

Despite the setbacks caused by a global pandemic in 2020, we are thrilled to announce our continued partnership with Birkenstock. Embarking on our second year together, we eagerly anticipate an exciting lineup featuring never-before-released tanned leathers, the unveiling of new styles later this year and perhaps a Union Project exclusive.

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